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Grunge set of wallpaper graphics, designed for the Massachusetts Pirates

Grunge set of wallpaper graphics, designed for the Massachusetts Pirates

Social Media has become a critical tool for developing and growing your brand identity. It's no longer for influencers trying to go "viral", but an amazing way of creating your brand's "voice".

I pride myself on not following trends. I would rather take time and come up with something people have not seen before than follow the brand's footsteps of someone else. By doing so, you are promoting the original creator's idea, not your brand. With a proven track record of developing engaging content, 10:60 Designs offers various services from graphic design to video editing. Allow me to not only create content but manage the time in which it's posted, to free your time up for more important things!

Graphic displaying the statistical growth of video views on Instagram  by Adrian Lobo Figueroa directly, for the Massachusetts Pirates

Project: Instagram Views Percentage Increase

Client: Massachusetts Pirates

As the Director of Marketing for the Massachusetts Pirates indoor football team, I was tasked with not only maintaining the social media accounts for the organization but also with developing engaging content.


Utilizing my skill sets in graphic design and video editing, I was able to develop content that our fans, players, and the league enjoyed and interacted with. After winning the championship in 2021 (my first "live season, as 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic), I challenged myself to develop content even more engaging for the 2022 season as we attempted to defend the national title.

With a strong mixture of "fan-perspective" in-game video clips, funny video memes, "#BigHead" graphics, and more, I developed content resulting in a 5160% increase in Instagram views from the season prior. I am extremely proud of this KPI, as it does not include any of the content developed by my coworkers, content developed for partners weekly, etc.


The #BigHead series was a content series I started within the Massachusetts Pirates, as a way to utilize my graphic design skills in order to illicit emotion from the fanbase. This series ended up being a fan and player favorite. As the only designer in the league making the #BigHeads, it was definitely a calling card for myself as a designer. I have since brought the design series over to the Bay Area Panthers as engagement for an exciting fan base.

Project: Season Tagline Marketing Campaigns

Client: Massachusetts Pirates


Creating social media campaigns that resonate with our fan base, was always on the top of the priority list. By creating these marketing taglines, I was able to develop a key voice for our fans, via the Pirates social media channels for the 2022 and for the offseason leading into the 2023 season, prior to separating from the organization..