Just an artist starved for a chance.


10:60 Designs is a small freelance operation started by Lobo Figueroa in 2008 while attending high school in Boston. Currently based out of a small home office in Worcester, MA., 10:60 focuses on delivering high-quality services, like the "big guys," but at reasonable and affordable pricing

10:60 prides itself on "bringing the client's vision to life". This means you won't be handed a bunch of designs created by a group of random people, with what they THINK will work for you. On the contrary, 10:60 Designs will take all of your notes and ideas, and use those to bring you options based on your wants/needs. 

Please feel free to check out some of the TESTIMONIALS provided by 10:60's previous clients!


Adrian "Lobo" Figueroa is a freelance visual artist/designer raised in Boston, MA. The oldest of five children, Lobo has made sure to work hard for everything he has accomplished in his life. 

Having self-taught himself most of the programming and design software, Lobo prides himself on delivering results that tend to catch his clients off-guard (in the best way possible!).

With over a decade of experience, Lobo has worked with all different varieties of businesses and individuals to bring their visions and ideas to life. From assisting in the creation of a brand's logo to providing business consultations to CEOs, Lobo does not shy away from a challenge of any size. Allow him to bring this passion and dedication to the table when working on your next project!