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Embark on a voyage through the vibrant world of 10:60 Designs, the sole masterpiece of Lobo Figueroa – a dedicated artisan who has been weaving the threads of imagination into visual reality since 2008. From the humble beginnings of a UMass Amherst dorm room to the cozy confines of a Massachusetts home office, Lobo's journey is one of passion and dedication. It all started with a thoughtful gesture from a high school history teacher, who handed Lobo his first copy of Adobe Photoshop, and from there, the seeds of 10:60 Designs were sown. With every project, Lobo channels this storied history into creating art and content that doesn't just follow the current, but forges its own path.


Lobo Figueroa, the heart and soul behind 10:60 Designs, believes in a personalized approach to graphic design, content creation, and marketing. Rejecting the impersonal, assembly-line production of design, Lobo instead adopts an intimate, one-on-one collaboration with each client. Here, your unique vision is not just understood, but celebrated and brought to life with skillful precision. As Lobo works with you, he ensures that every piece is infused with the essence of your brand's identity, delivering a result that is as distinct and remarkable as the stories behind them.


The ethos of 10:60 Designs is rooted in the belief that true creativity is a co-creative process. Lobo listens, adapts, and evolves ideas into visual statements that speak volumes. The success of this approach is reflected in the heartfelt testimonials of those who have entrusted their visions to Lobo's expert hands. These endorsements are not just commendations of his talent, but also of the trust and rapport he builds with each client.


Discover the 10:60 Designs difference where artistry meets authenticity, all through the lens of Lobo Figueroa's singular vision. Here, every pixel and every line tells a story – your story, transformed by Lobo's dedicated craft into a compelling narrative that captivates and endures. Join the ranks of satisfied visionaries and let 10:60 Designs reveal the true potential of your brand.

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing Services

  • Videography & Video Editing

  • Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships

  • Community Engagement & Relations

  • Social Media Management

  • Photography

Lobo Figueroa with the 2021 United Bowl championship trophy, after the Massachusetts Pirates defeated the Arizona Rattlers at the Footprint Center in 2021.
Lobo Figueroa served as the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach for the Massachusetts Pirates since 2020.


Meet Lobo Figueroa – the creative maverick at the helm of an innovative freelance graphic and marketing operation. Born and bred in the vibrant neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston, MA, Lobo's journey from the eldest sibling of five to a powerhouse of graphic design and marketing is one of relentless determination and raw talent. His penchant for hard work is ingrained in his DNA, and it's this work ethic that has seen him rise to the top of his field. Lobo's approach to design is as unique as his path to success; he sees the world from an angle that others don't, turning challenges into opportunities and conventional ideas on their heads. His reputation as the "black sheep" of the design world isn't a burden but a badge of honor, symbolizing his ability to lead, inspire, and innovate while retaining his individualistic edge.


Lobo's career is a testament to his self-motivated spirit and unyielding pursuit of excellence. A self-taught maestro in programming and design software, his creations often leave clients delightfully surprised, exceeding expectations by leaps and bounds. His dynamic flair has not only flourished in the freelance domain but has also been showcased through his pivotal role in the professional sports industry. As a marketing director, Lobo has been instrumental in propelling brands to the forefront, contributing to two National championships since the 2020 season. With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Lobo's portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive, spanning across various industries and catering to a wide spectrum of clients—from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned CEOs. When you partner with Lobo Figueroa, you're not just hiring a designer; you're embracing a vision. Let him channel his passion, dedication, and unparalleled expertise into making your next project not just a success, but a masterpiece.

  • Director of Marketing & Community Relations - Boston Brigade

  • 2023 IFL Champions - Indoor Football League National Champions

  • Former Freelance Creative Producer - Bay Area Panthers

  • Associate Producer; Now or Never 2 - Documentary on Amazon Prime Video

  • 2021 IFL Champions - Indoor Football League National Champions

  • Former Director of Marketing / Director of Community Outreach /

    • Director of Group Sales

    • Ticket Sales Account Representative - Massachusetts Pirates

  • Former Chief Talent Officer / Lead Manager - Elevate Real Estate

  • Former Broker Account Manager / Client Services Representative - Elm Street Technology

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