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Welcome to the official page of Project: WOLF, an exciting new video game endeavor crafted by the talented artist, Lobo Figueroa. Currently in development during his personal time, Project: WOLF is a placeholder name for this immersive game—the real title will be unveiled closer to its release. This project promises to redefine what games can offer to both hardcore enthusiasts of indoor/arena football and those new to the genre.


At the heart of Project: WOLF, players will assume the role of a General Manager tasked with creating and managing a new indoor/arena football franchise. From strategic decision-making to team building, the game aims to deliver a rich, detailed experience that captures the complexity and thrill of managing a sports team. Despite being in the preliminary development stages, with various concepts still being shaped, the vision for Project: WOLF is to create an engaging and realistic simulation that appeals to a wide audience.


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May 14, 2024

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