10:60 Portfolio


Collection of print media and collateral designed by 10:60 Designs. 

Social Media Graphics

10:60 Designs has had the pleasure of designing countless graphics for the social media channels of different organizations and brands.

Merchandise & Apparel

From sporting team championship gear, to the 10:60 personal brand, Lobo Figueroa prides himself on coming up with bold, eye-catching merchandise and apparel designs, that grab the customer's attention immediately.


Logos were the first product 10:60 Designs used to offer its clients.

Digital Media

Collection of 10:60 Designs within the digital realm; including website designs and more.

Video Edits

Video editing is a new service/skill now provided by Lobo Figueroa. This collection of videos features a mix of content either recorded and edited by Lobo, or simply just edited.