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  • How much do you charge?
    Pricing is always dependent on the complexity of the work, as well as time alloted by the client. To get an accurate quote of your project, please contact me. In your contact, please provide as much detail about your project as possible, including whether a rush is needed on the project or not.
  • Do you design and print?
    Unfortunately, at this time, I do not offer any printing services. I can solely design the artwork necessary. However, upon request, I can put forth a few recommendations of companies to suit the needs of your project.
  • How does the graphic/web design process work?
    Although no two projects will ever be the same, most of them will follow this basic guideline: 1- Provide details about project: By providing me details (ideas, colors, reference points, due dates, etc.) via email or through the contact form on this website; this will allow me to determine if I can take on the project or not. If the project is accepted, we then move to step 2. If not, I will humbly recommend you to another designer who might be able to complete the project. 2- Invoice sent: An invoice is then emailed to the client's email of choice. This invoice serves two purposes. It gathers the upfront payment required, but also provides the client with a detailed listing of the products/services being paid for. This can also be kept and used as a receipt. 3- Upon confirmation of payment, work is begun: Once a confirmation is received that the upfront payment required is paid, work on the project is then begun. Any materials needed to begin th project are then sought. 4- Reviews: The client is first presented with a rough draft of the project. This rough draft usually captures the main bullet points described by the client. This is provided to the client, for any feedback/edits they would like to do. Those edits would be implemented, and then another snapshot is provided to the client, again for review. This process of update/review/update would continue, until completion of project. This allows both the artist and the client to both be on the same page through-out the whole design process. 5- Final Product: Upon approval of final product design, the client is then provided the appropriate files for their product. Any quick fixes may be done, in terms of image correction for different file types. Any changes beyond that, may require a separate charge, as these should have been addressed during the initial design process, and before approval of final product.
  • What is your Cancelation/Refund Policy for Graphic Design Work?
    I currently have a proven method, which has worked well for both my clients and I over the past decade I've been designing. Due to all graphic work having unlimited revisions, I do not offer any refunds due to cancelations. Because my design process heavily involves the feedback and edits of the client, this process makes it nearly impossible for the client to be disatisfied with the quality/design of the work. The client will be provided a rough draft, and updated edit shots along the whole design process.
  • How much do you charge for custom painted sneakers/heels?
    If you are interested in a particular project I am currently working on, you will find the asking price at the top of it's post on this site. Please bare in mind, some projects are unfinished (works in progress) and some are not for sale. If you are interested in commissioning me for a custom pair, please use the contact tab, and provide me as much detail of what you are looking for.
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