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In 2008, when my high school History teacher presented me with my first version of Adobe Photoshop, I realized I had a passion for graphic design. Before this, my love for art was expressed through sketches involving pencil and paper.


Fast forward to today, I find myself a self-taught freelancer, with a strong professional portfolio including professional sports, small business, and social media content. I pride myself on understanding the message the client wants to get across, and helping express that through creative visuals. Clients are always involved through the process, provided constant communication and visuals to see their project unfold and provide their feedback and direction. 

Please take a look through my favorite general graphic design pieces, and should any of them inspire you, please feel free to reach out so we can begin your next project!

Football helmet mockup, featuring the 10:60 Designs logo.

Football helmet mockup, featuring the 10:60 Designs logo.


During the 2020 season, the Indoor Football League was suspended due to the COVID pandemic. Throughout this time, I tasked myself with developing new assets to be used by the organization but also revamping old assets with a new and updated style.

One of those assets was the Gameday Program. Due to the pandemic, we would not be able to have physical ones, so I designed and created the very first Digital Gameday Programs for the Massachusetts Pirates organization. Even after the pandemic, this process of having the gameday programs done digitally has become standard practice.

Project: 2021 Digital Gameday Programs

Client: Massachusetts Pirates

Designed Using: Adobe Photoshop


2021 Champions logo designed by Lobo Figueroa for the Massachusetts Pirates

Project: 2021 Champions logo design

Client: Massachusetts Pirates

Designed Using: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Designed in the wake of a national championship victory in 2021, this logo was created to symbolize a memorable season and enhance the team's marketing and branding efforts for the following year. It captures the spirit of victory and offers fans a visual reminder of an unforgettable time in sports history.

The design incorporates elements that resonate with the fanbase, subtly blending the Pirate theme within its aesthetic. Garnering widespread admiration, the logo has been widely adopted in marketing materials, and merchandise, and has even been showcased in a prominent digital exhibition space at the Boston Logan International Airport. It serves as a perennial emblem of pride and a keepsake for fans to cherish the legacy of that victorious season.


Project: 2023 Champions logo design

Client: Bay Area Panthers

Designed Using: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Crafted in the aftermath of the Bay Area Panthers' triumphant victory in the 2023 Indoor Football League National Championship, this logo stands as a testament to the team's remarkable journey to clinch the title. Infused with elements from the original Bay Area Panthers logo, it boldly features the word "CHAMPIONS" as a striking focal point, symbolizing the team's crowning achievement. 

Embraced by fans and stakeholders alike, this emblem has seamlessly integrated into various facets of the team's branding, from merchandise and marketing materials to social media platforms. Its significance is further underscored by its inclusion on the official game balls for the 2024 season, cementing its legacy as a cherished symbol of success and perseverance for the Bay Area Panthers.

2022 Corporate Partnership Deck cover designed by Lobo Figueroa for the Massachusetts Pirates

Project: 2021 & 2022 Corporate Sponsorship Deck

Client: Massachusetts Pirates

Designed Using: Adobe Photoshop

A major key for any sports organization to stay viable, is making sure they have strong corporate sponsorships and partnerships. The same was true with the Massachusetts Pirates, as I was tasked with the design of the cover and content within the decks used for potential partners for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. I am very proud to have also activated a partnership with the local FastSigns franchise, allowing them to be the Presenting Sponsor of these decks, allowing their logo to be visible to decision-makers we might be pitching a partnership to.

The success of closing strong sponsorships and partnerships, depended on allowing the partners to view their brands within the assets presented in our proposal decks. I was also tasked with the design and copy of these decks, while also developing ad-hoc mockups of marketing assets made available.

A majority of the assets and mockups were designed using Adobe Photoshop, taking photos from our media folder and converting them into reusable templates to be used throughout the seasons.

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